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Dr Khia Josina Duncan

Helping people is my greatest passion.

Multiple Locations: Kingston, Portmore, St Thomas & Ocho Rios

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Medical Services and Treatments

Offering diagnosis and  treatment: for a variety of Ear, Nose, Throat and Head related conditions. 

Including: Sore throat, ear ache and sinus issues, among others


Hoarseness and Voice Disorders

Tonsils and Adenoids

Foreign Bodies

Ear Infections

Thyroid Goitre


Meet Dr Duncan

Image of Dr Josina Duncan in surgery
Image of Dr Josina Duncan handing over surgical items
Image of Dr Josina Duncan in surgery
Image of Dr Josina Duncan handing over surgical items

Dr Duncan is a head, throat, neck and ear (ENT) Surgeon and General Practitioner in Jamaica who has been practicing since 2004. Since completing her residency at University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, United Kingdom, and Miami she has been in both private and public practices. Josina has always been motivated to learn and grow so that she can provide the best patient care possible. 


She provides a full range of ENT services and is highly proficient in general care. She believes first and foremost in treating every patient with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Her significant interest in head and neck anatomy has motivated her throughout her academic studies, fuelled by her desire to help others and a deep love for the medical sciences. 

She works at:
Kingston Public Hospital         Bustamante Children’s Hospital
Nuttall Memorial Hospital         Andrews Memorial Hospital
Medical Associates Hospital    MD Link- Telemedicine


Latest News & Articles 

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Narissa Morris

Via Email

Dr Duncan has been a knight in shining armor in my most vulnerable moment. From my first visit, to surgery, to recovery, I had confidence in my doctor! Dr Duncan started out as my ENT but is now my general practitioner, I Stan a powerful woman in surgery

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Via Twitter

Thanks to Dr Duncan for her help! She is quite sympathetic and genuinely interested in what I had to say. This may appear to be a paid advertisement at this stage, but it isn’t! My experience had a futuristic feel to it!


Get in Touch

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Fairco Medical and Dermatology Centre, Building A Unit 9 , 80 Lady Musgrave Road

876-978-0920 876-281-1881


Sylvan Family Care

4 Sylvan Avenue

Thursday Saturday


Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

5 Tangerine Place, Kingston 5


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St Thomas

Intown Medical Center

8 Queen Street

Morant Bay, St Thomas

Phone 876 703 6666 
Fax 876 734 0504
Cell 876 284 7933
3rd Sunday of Each Month

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Ocho Rios

Island Doctors, Elite Medical Centre

Sandcastle Hotel Business Complex

1 Main Street Ocho Rios

876-677-7676; 876-370-0038

3rd Saturday of each month

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Portmore Medical

31A Biscayne Drive
W Biscayne, Portmore

Phone 876 326 6098


Useful Info

Useful Information

What health cards are accepted?

All major Health Cards are accepted !

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by contacting any of the offices closest to you.

Can I book an appointment on the website?

My goal is to provide clear communication between my clients and I, so It is advisable to book an appointment 

by contacting the office closest to you or preferred.

How can I make a complaint?

Call the respected office visited for complaints.

What if I am late for my appointment?

No worries ! Kindly contact the office where the appointment was made to inform them that you’ll be late.

Do I need to always book an appointment?

It is advisable that you do so just to be sure to make sure I am available.

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